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    Quote Originally Posted by Deschaines' Brain View Post
    I have a friend who picks up 2000 AD who warned me of something very similar. I think there's a chance that I am used to American comics, but I may see if I can borrow a few issues off of him to check out!

    I think Y the last man is looking like a good next move. I think I'll probably pick this up next.

    My birthday is coming up and I think my girlfriend is going to pick me up a copy of V for Vendetta which I'm really excited to read. I had a peruse around OK Comics yesterday and couldn't help but be drawn to Alan Moore's Swamp Thing. Everything about it looks fascinating, so I think this will probably be close to the top of my 'to-buy' list!

    I really appreciate the help guys, I feel like I'm getting a much better grasp of what sort of things are out there.
    I think you can't go wrong with Moore's Swampy.

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    I'd recommend Saga, "over" Y (--which I also quite like). And if you like it, with it's imaginative sci fi, you could also check out The Incal.


    Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang's Wonder Woman run (essentially her DKR story)
    Grant Morrison's Allstar Superman
    --I didn't like either character before reading those two above. Both really manage to sell me what makes those characters shine/tick.

    As for 2000AD, I'm mostly a Dredd reader. Love the modern stuff. America, Origins, Tour of duty, Day of Chaos and Dark Justice. Dredd is as much the hero as villain in his stories, and these I think explores that brilliantly, as well as being satire at it's worst/best.
    --America and Origins (equal parts Unforgiven and Heart of darkness) are both good stand alone as well as good starts for a new reader.

    I'd also like to recommend my all time fav. story. 100 Bullets. Like a super pulped up The Wire. Explores the idea of "consequence free" revenge. Stories about those pulling the trigger, those pulling the strings and those stuck in the cross fire. Few stories has managed to both entertain, disturb and make me stop and think like 100Bullets.
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