I recently got a copy of the Ultimate Marvel event Ultimate Power trade paperback and have been trying to figure out how to read it in chronological order with Ultimate Spider-Man (USM).

Most sources I've seen put it between the Clone Saga and Ultimate Knights story arcs/trade paperbacks (or between USM #105 and #106). However, those stories lead right into each other with little room for a gap like that. Has there been an official ruling on what the reading/chronological order is in this case?

(My personal theory is that putting Ultimate Power between the Ultimate Knights and Death of a Goblin arcs/trades [between USM #111 and #112] works better; there's a space needed and Death of a Goblin is the first time that USM is affected by Nick Fury's leaving in Ultimate Power.)

It doesn't help that USM and Ultimate Power have several severe continuity errors; In Ultimate Power, Spider-Man and Shadowcat are dating of the time of the incident, which ends with Nick Fury being held by the Squadron Supreme under Spider-Man's suggestion. In USM proper, Spider-Man and Shadowcat break up in the Clone Saga story after Peter and Mary Jane rekindle their relationship before Fury could be taken by the Squadron Supreme (since Fury was a player in the Clone Saga incident). In Death of a Goblin, Spider-Man is surprised to learn that Fury is missing, has no idea why, and still seems to trust Fury, all of which are the exact opposite of what Ultimate Power showed.