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    Default Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #7 Discussion

    This was probably my favorite issue in a strong series so far, & given it's the first issue of a new story arc it's a great jumping on point. Superman fans will love this one. He's great in this issue.
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    I loved every single issue of this comic so far and this was no exception! In fact, I'm glad that Superman's presence in CCHACE #7 was resolved the way it was, i.e. the encounter between Kal-El and Cave Carson is something happening exclusively inside the latter's mind, starting as the speleologist remembering their first, real meeting and then turning into the very heartfelt dialogue the opener probably refers to.

    Not only Jon Rivera's writing didn't get sappy at all in that sequence ("Superman isn't my name. It's my challenge." is as powerful as it can get as a statement) but having Big Blue appear either as a reminiscence and as a figment of Carson's imagination keeps the focus of the whole issue on the actual protagonist of the series, without the issues that such a big-name appearance normally entails in such occasions.

    And that excerpt from "The Wonderful World of Rocks" in the issue's appendix, penned by Mark Russell, was as glorious as the story itself! I want a Young Animal book written by Russell and I want it now!

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