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    Post A Very Wild Speculation: The identity of Mr.Oz

    Hi, Everyone.

    With everything going on with DC and Superman recently, I got really curious on who this mysterious hooded figure who calls himself "Mr.OZ" may be.
    I know that the wide consensus is that he’s no other than Ozymandias himself, and while I also think that’s the most likely explanation, I don't really see the point of DC making this a mystery for so long if the answer's that obvious. After all, we're talking about Geoff Johns, the guy who has a record of misleading us all to think that the "Trinity" in "Trinity War" was pointing at the "Trinity of Sin", when it actually turned out to be Earth-“Three."

    So, I did a little research. And while I couldn’t dig up anything concrete, I found some rather interesting stuff that led me to an alternative answer to Mr.Oz’ identity.
    It’s nothing but wild speculation at best, but since noone seems to be pointing this out yet, I thought it might be cool to share it with you and hear if you have any thoughts on it.
    Alright, here goes.

    For starters, let’s sort out what led us to believe that “Mr.Oz” is Adrian Veidt in the first place.
    1) The name, obviously.
    2) Both seem to love being in a dark room full of monitors.
    3) They both have the same eye color, blue (although this seems to depend on the artist who’s drawing Mr.Oz).
    4) There’s this woman appearing in SUPERMAN #39, Miss Janet, who has a mark on her wrist that seems to say “OZ”. In the original WATCHMEN, there’s a product from Veidt called “Nostalgia”, an aftershave that shows up a lot throughout the story. The “Z” on Miss Janet’s wrist and the “N” on the bottle of Nostalgia looks similar.

    Miss Janet.jpg

    I don’t know what you think, but to me, this seems a little… thin, perhaps?
    Still, there were some interesting things, like the similarity between the letters on Miss Janet’s wrist and the one on the bottle of Nostalgia.

    “Z” and “N”, huh?
    This got me thinking.

    As you may know, the WATCHMEN graphic novel contains some bonus materials that takes a closer look on the world and the characters in forms of excerpts from a book or newspaper articles.
    Well, there’s this one right after Chapter 10(in the book I have, at least), where they show what seems to be some marketing plans of Adrian’s company, Veidt. There’s a letter to Adrian from someone in the M&D, a proposition for the physical fitness program “The Veidt Method”, another letter from Adrian to a staff in Cosmetics about the ad for Nostalgia… and then there’s this proposal showcasing a series of action figures that’s based on our favorite heroes and villains.There’s Molock, Rorshach, and of course, Ozymandias.
    However, the one I’d really like to point out is the one next to Ozymandias — Nite Owl.


    When you see the photo of the test products in the letter, you’ll see each character’s logo next to them. Now, take a closer look at Nite Owl’s logo.
    Does the way the first letter “N” is drawn reminds you of some letter on a bottle — or perhaps, a mark on someone’s wrist?
    Let’s make this easier. Try rotating Nite Owl’s logo 90 degrees to the right. Do you notice a certain name popping up on the top?


    Yes, this is my theory.
    It’s not “OZ”. It’s actually “NO”.
    Mr.Oz is Nite Owl, a.k.a Dan Dreiberg.

    Sure, I may be stretching a bit. But once you start to think about it, it doesn’t seem that far fetched.
    So far, we’ve seen no connections between Mr.Oz and Adrian in terms of action. There’s no depiction of Mr.Oz catching a bullet with his bare hands, and he certainly hasn’t teleported any monster in the middle of the city(Doomsday was more like “transported” by a vehicle).
    For all we know, Mr.Oz is just a guy who has lots of resources — both in terms of technological as well as man power — at his disposal.
    Sure, Adrian was the ultimate billionaire/genius/athlete in WATCHMEN, but Dan also was a pretty wealthy guy who inherited enough money that allowed him a decent living without a daily job. What’s more, he’s the one who single-handedly built the Owl Ship. And flipping through the recent issues of ACTION COMICS, the goons working for Mr.Oz sure seems to like using hovering aircrafts a lot.

    However, there’s one big problem to this theory, and that’s their eye colors. As I mentioned above, Mr.Oz has blue eyes, like Adrian, while Dan’s eyes seem to be brown.
    There are two possible — though I admit, it’s pretty far fetched even for me — explanations for this.
    1)As Dan changed his appearance in the end of WATCHMEN, he somehow also managed to change the color of his pupils, perhaps using color contact lenses.
    2)While Dan doesn’t have blue eyes, his lover, Laurie Juspeczyk, does. And the two were talking about having children as they left her mother’s place in the final pages of WATCHMEN. Maybe Mr.Oz is not Dan himself, but his son with Laurie?

    I tried digging more to see if I could find any connections between Mr.Oz and Nite Owl, especially in terms of appearances, but the best I could find was that the curving part on the staff Mr.Oz carries around vaguely resembles the shape of Nite Owl’s belt buckle, and the fact that mythical entities like Minerva and Pallas, who’re often depicted with owls, tend to carry around spears as well. Maybe the spear is supposed to resemble an owl’s talon? I don’t know.

    Okay, that was the juicy part. And like I said, it’s only a wild speculation at best.
    The things I list below are some additional stuff I found while digging, that’s not directly related to Mr.Oz, as well as some random thoughts, if not fantasies.

    1)About the mystery surrounding the Joker, or the three Jokers. Well, if you read the part where it was first mentioned in JUSTICE LEAGUE #50 closely, you may notice the fact that the Moebius chair never said “there are three Jokers.” It only said “there were three.”(Also worth noting is that it’s using past tense here) It’s only because of Hal’s remarks why everyone thinks there are three Jokers running wild in the DCU. Also, when I looked through the interviews and announcements from DC and its creators, I couldn’t find any of them referring to it but as “the Mystery”. For all we know, “three” may mean anything at this point.

    2) Since the first time I read the DC Rebirth issue, the idea of Dr.Manhattan interfering with the DCU has always been bugging me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about the whole trouble with Alan Moore here. I’m saying that Dr.Manhattan, who’s supposed to be a guy of determinism, bringing down his fist to the DCU doesn’t really make sense. Does someone who says “human affairs cannot be my concern” sounds like a person who’d erase 10 whole years from an entire reality?

    3) If Nite Owl was Mr.Oz, where on earth might Ozymandias be? You know, there’s this creepy remark Adrian made in the final chapter of the original WATCHMEN, the first panel of page 21 to be exact, as he watched Rorshach leave.
    “Hmm. Now what would you call that, I wonder? ‘Blotting out reality’ perhaps?”
    It’s really a “WHAT IF??” — with double question marks at minimum — but WHAT IF Adrian somehow finds a way to obtain powers much like Dr.Manhattan?? Would he be so self-righteous as to find a way into the DCU and try to “make it better”, like how he did in his own world? Is it possible that the individual we saw in the final pages of DC Rebirth was not Dr.Manhattan, but instead Ozymandias remembering their final confrontation?

    Well, that’s about all. I know, I’m stepping into the realms of moon-landing-was-a-hoax and the-world-is-ruled-by-humanoid-reptiles, so I’m going to stop now.
    But like I say repeatedly, they’re only wild, wild speculations. And since noone seemed to be talking about this “Mr.Oz = Nite Owl” possibility, I wondered what other people might think about it.

    I wrote an article on this and post it on my own Japanese website, where I usually post reviews on American Comics, but I wanted to hear your opinion.

    Thank you for reading. I’d be happy to hear from you all.

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    The problem with your theory is that it is very smart.
    And DC guys are not that smart at all.


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    I'd considered maybe there's a fakeout and it's not a Z but two L's rotated 180 degrees.

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