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I'm about 6 episodes in and I enjoy it. I do have to say, while I certainly don't mind swearing, it seems forced and excessive in this show. Espeically coming from Jason Todd/Robin. Starfire is a huge letdown, the actress is fine, but the way in which they approached her is a total failure. LOVED the Doom Patrol stuff, will watch that one once I finished Titans.
The f bombs and such took me out of it for a lot of the time. I liken it to my issue with Suits on USA, because they are allowed to say 'shit' and 'bullshit' and such on that show, they say it so often and unnaturally, it's like 'ooh look at us, we're edgy because we can say 'shit' on our show'

totally puts me off.

Love Hawk & Dove still tho, best part of that show.