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    Default Witchfinder: Reign of Darkness

    "For a decade, fans have followed the exploits of Victorian paranormal investigator Sir Edward Grey in the Witchfinder comic book series spun out from Mike Mignola’s Hellboy. This November, Grey will come face to face with Jack the Ripper.
    [This clash is] the basis for Sir Edward Grey, Witchfinder: The Reign of Darkness, a new 5-issue miniseries by Mike Mignola, Chris Roberson, Christopher Mitten and Michelle Madsen."

    “Don't mess with me, lady. I've been drinking with skeletons.” -- Hellboy.
    “Dude, you’re embarrassing me in front of the Wizards.” -- Tony Stark.

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    When I met Mike Mignola in 2012 we discussed this arc. It's pretty damn exciting to see it coming to fruition.

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    Sounds like a fun concept, I'm certainly in.

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    ...and into a new working partnership with American occult investigator Sara Jewell"

    Guys, guys, guys, you already had me on board. Drawn by Mitten, a story we've been waiting a long time to hear, and you're giving me more Sara Jewell? I feel very spoiled.

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