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    The actress did do a good job with the character. I understand why people liked her, and I thought she had a really creative powerset. As someone who's a fan of Mystique, I don't think there's anything wrong with liking a character like that.

    I too was shocked that Reeva and Polaris didn't kill her TBH. The minute she threatened the Inner Circle, you kinda had to know she was done. There was no way Reeva was going to let that slide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AbnormallyNormal View Post
    I'm beginning to understand you and the other Dreamer stans PoV with the way the character Rebecca Hoover/Twist was unceremoniously offed.

    And, just like with Dreamer, her personality underwent a distortion and 180 change one episode prior.

    However... well. Yeah, Dreamer dying wasn't a deal breaker for me and neither will Rebecca's death be such.

    The only way to really make me hate this show is if they got rid of the Inner Circle entirely or rendered them comically "evil" somehow, got Lorna to return to Underground and re-grow her romance with Marcos, basically "admit" to him he was right all along about everything, and she was a naughty spoiled brat or something. If they show does that I'm done with it period. I hope it's too intelligent but you never know.

    I also think EVEN IF they did that, they would "compensate" by giving us a more dark Lauren Strucker or something else.
    With how Dreamer was treated, it wasn't just an issue of personality distortion, but the horrendously insulting ways they got to the point of killing her off. They wrote her as suddenly stupid enough to be on the wrong side of the door - the side where she could be easily and instantly captured - to slow down SS. Then they wrote the kids twice refusing to make her sacrifices have any value whatsoever. The latter time being where they were so adamant about not using their powers, but then as soon as Dreamer's killed, suddenly they're ready to give in. And then to cap it all off, after killing Dreamer off, the show rushed right on to hyping up the Cuckoos as the "big moment" of the episode that everyone's supposed to get all hyped up about.

    Every good show out there that I've ever seen makes the character death into its big moment of the episode. Doesn't bury it. Because the writers have more respect for their characters and fans than that. The only show I can think of that screwed up this bad was Star Trek: The Next Generation killing off Tasha Yar. Which some people might think "Yeah but that show did great" without considering that a) it was made in the late 80s/early 90s when writing and fandom were MUCH smaller and less developed, and b) even back then her death was considered enough of a black mark that episodes in later seasons made an explicit point of how awful the writers treated her in killing her off. Late 80s/early 90s Star Trek shows also had a nasty habit of seeing female characters as more disposable than male ones (Tasha Yar, attempts to replace Beverly Crusher in season 2, Jadzia Dax, Kes), so bonus sexism that wouldn't fly today.

    Long story short, people on the show were clearly starting with "We wanna kill off Dreamer to advance everyone else's stories" and then worked backwards from there to set up half-baked excuses for her death to happen.

    P.S. - I'm not expecting anyone to drop the show on account of my complaints. But I think if someone takes a certain attitude toward someone else's fave getting treated poorly, they should expect the same attitude from others when their own fave gets treated in a similar manner just not as bad. This statement isn't directed at you, just said in general.
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    A quick reminder of what was lost, by awrestlinggirlwholovesbooks.
    My real thoughts on ongoing Marvel activity and comics can be found at my Tumblr. I can also be reached on Twitter.

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