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    If you want to see a fun reaction to the ewoks 2 check out now playing reaction. It's pretty funny.

    "Yeah tears, your going to get them. Did david finch direct this movie?"

    "This is kind of shocking, all jokes aside if my kids were young enough to love the last movie they are young enough to be hurt by this film."

    "Are they not going to deal with it? Oh no they will deal with it in one of the most violent scenes untail revenge of the sith"

    "5 min and fifty seconds is all it takes to go from skipping in a meadow to ewok massacre!" "No way lucus would but a massacre on thanksgiving night and yet here we go!"

    LOL! Yeah you need to see the first one first to get the impact however.

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    How can you not like a race of little bears that eat sentients and use trees as weapons?

    I can actually kinda respect them.

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    Jar-Jar was much more annoying seeing as how his role in the first film was pure comic relief. He was more tolerable in the 2nd two films, and if he had been presented that way to start with he might not be as hated as he is today.

    Although I can understand the people angry that ewoks replaced wookies. That would have been epic.

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    To quote Spaced "Jar Jar makes the Ewoks look like f*cking Shaft."

    I always pictured the ewoks as vicious little buggers. You just know that they were roasting and feasting on dead storm troopers during the celebration at the end of RotJ.

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