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    Quote Originally Posted by NathanS View Post
    That's mostly Shonen Jump other manga magazines are nowhere near as cutthroat on "do good rankings out of the gate, NOW." And even they will be a tad more lenient if there's a clear gap their magazine is missing they need to fill, like if their current rom-com is ending and they need a new one. And Shonen Jump has been this harsh for... awhile, at least the 90's I think.
    Yeah...SJ is kind of a harsh environment. But the others are only slightly more lenient.
    Is in general the whole serialised editorial market that is quite....unforgiving if I can use the term

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baron of Faltine View Post
    You know this reminds me an almost identical discussion I witnessed on manga boards on how many of the "axed" new mangas wasted way too much time to get to the point (we are still in the fucking village? But this point in OP we were recruiting Sanji!) . Eh kinda funny how East
    and West are similar at times.
    Decompressed story telling can be specially bad in manga at times lol.

    I for example like One Punch Man, but I don't have the patience to read as it's being published, 'cause for all the good in that manga, the pacing is dogshit, and it gets worse when Murata decides to go redraw previous battles (Child Emperor's fight with Phoenix Man in particular got like 3 or 4 redraws, and that fight is one of the longest in the manga), so I just stop reading it for like an year or more, then catch up with everything.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheCape View Post
    We all know that BND was a collective mid-life crisis from Marvel back then

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    I would not call it the more normal superheroe time in comic books, however it was for all intense and purpuses the last period were the books werent as influenced by the films. That is if we are only talking Marvel, love it or hate it allot of artist draw inspiration from Batman: Returns when drawing the Penguin.

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    I still consider it better than what we got right is all i will say.

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