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    Default What would you want at a WW movie opening event?

    Not an official CBR post!

    I have a friend who runs a comic shop who has been given free reign to run an event at the local AMC for the WW opening weekend.

    He is being given tickets to give away to people in costume, and food prizes (popcorn, soda, etc.) for other events.

    So the question I put to you...

    What would be your ideal WW movie opening event? What would make this night fun and memorable for you?

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    Amazonian games. I don't know if you have the space for it, but an essential element of Wonder Woman's heroism is that she competed to earn her role. Maybe Field Day games? Nerf Archery, small sprint race, long jump. I'm imagining this for kids, and I don't know if your shop has family customers.
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