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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosebunse View Post
    Aaron is a sucker for continuity. While I doubt Loki is gonna call himself "God of Stories" here, I think Aaron has already shown that Loki will adopt certain aspects of that.
    I don't see it. He has launched into the daddy issue stuff and mirroring Thor, the only nod to story is the mythology of the Viking Avengers, which is more lost story lore than manipulation of story itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosebunse View Post
    I'm sure Loki has presented himself as Satan in the past, but so has Mephisto and tons of other demons and Hell Lords. It doesn't matter what the normal person thinks when it comes to who is Satan, but rather who the demons and denizens of the various Hells know is Satan.

    Loki isn't in charge of any sector of Hell and is more likely just called that because he was, well, Loki.
    Well, that is exactly my point. Contrary to other demons who pretended to be Satan, Loki never presented himself as such. He was called like that by demons and more remarkable gods. So I thought that there was a concensous about who Satan was among those factions, some parts of hell and Olympus. In fact, it is told in those issues that Loki was banished to the underworld by the Olympians where he reigned. (I know, the first time I read it I thought the writers were doing a remix of three mythologies).

    As you wrote, Loki isn't in charge of any part of Hell in the present, just as Mephisto described Satan, nobody have seen him in milenia and so his rule over Hell is in question.

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