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Thread: Saucer State #1

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    Default Saucer State #1

    It's back! I really loved Saucer Country, but when the story came to a natural pause at Vertigo I never expected to see it again. Sure they said it would come back as Saucer State, but as time went by that seemed less and less likely. Now it's four years later, and here it is! Saucer State #1!

    As usual I have absolutely no idea where the story is going, but it's tremendously compelling. And this time there's an interesting resonance between the fake aliens, real aliens/fairies, and the idea of fake news. Perhaps an America that's so divided people can't even agree on what's true and what's not is a place ripe for takeover from... outside.

    Did anyone else read this? What did you think?

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    I never read Saucer Country but I definitely plan to, especially since it's continuing. After reading Paul Cornell's Shadow Police novels I'm looking forward to more of his stories.

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