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    I think you guys are right, I think Priest probably likes the Nightwing character when his status quo is drastically changed and not when he's Batman-lite.

    I feel like there is a way to strike a balance with that but if you don't do it well you get the Ric plotline that is happening currently; I'm kind of curious how Priest would have handled this Ric storyline b/c I don't think Priest would have tried to sever the connection between Dick and the bat family, I also kind of want to know if he likes this status quo change lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by millernumber1 View Post
    I'm pretty sure, given his blogs about the novels he created and wrote about the Green Lanterns (Sleepers), his favorite is Hal. Though he also seemed to like using Simon and Jessica in his Justice League run.
    Boo to be honest.

    Quote Originally Posted by the illustrious mr. kenway View Post
    It be funny if the green lantern he wanted to write was Guy. I hope his next project is a success. It be cool if it was the Question.
    I was actually thinking that Priest had a pitch for Guy, I could literally imagine it, as well as imagine him bringing back Ice.
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