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    Default Prestory Last days of superman

    when the story starts, does superman say that for his situation (hes dying), are 3 things that did cause it. one is the fire of apokolips, that one i get it because its from the justice league comics before rebirth. the 2nd (the kryptonite cell from argus) and 3rd (his fight with rao) i dont get them at all beause i missed them to read. but what did exactly happen? and where can i read about the situation with argus and rao? are both in the action comics? or somwhere else?

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    The second one happens during Savage Dawn, if I remember right (an Action Comics and Superman crossover, I think ?), when he is depowered and has some sort of Kryptonian cancer that he try suppress thanks to the Kryptonite. The last one is the fight with Rao, a Kryptonian who has ascended to a form of godhood thousands of years away and went to travel the Galaxy to gather more followers, since he becomes more powerful when their number augment. Because of some stones with time-travelling power, ancient Kryptonian are brought to Earth and Superman has to defeat Rao in duel while the rest of the JL hold the fort. He manages to defeat Rao on the moon and an older version of Rao kills his present self, vowing to never become that.

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