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    Default Kara sketch

    Hey! I thought I might post another Sketch on here. I kinda miss this version of Kara. She had a whole life and went out like a hero, so I kinda want that continuity back. Tell me what you think.

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    Don't really follow any of the various versions of Kara, but I really like your sketches. Keep up the good work!

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    Nice artwork. I have been reading about Kara Zor-El in the Supergirl Rebirth comic book and have been watching the Supergirl TV show and like both of them a lot.
    They borrow a lot from the pre-crisis Kara, instead of some of the more recent post crisis versions.

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    I really, really liked the Pre-Crisis Kara, but think she was shown as a bit too powerful.

    I like the new, younger Kara who is approximately the age of Pre-Crisis Kara when she first appeared, just at a little lower power level. So the character is good. Hopefully, she will have good stories and art.

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    Yeah I just kinda wish there was a way to have pre crisis Kara's continuity to still be canon. I just want her sacrifice to mean something, instead it's forgotten and everyone acts like it didn't happen. Barry died during Crisis as well but his continuity remained until the new 52 when it was rebooted. People acknowledged Barry's death, but acted as if Kara never died or existed until now. I don't know, maybe with Rebirth there might be a way to bring back those forgotten stories.

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