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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanguard-01 View Post
    Definitely not a stag. It was something in the bovine family. If it WAS supposed to be a sign of one of the gods, then it's a sign of Hera. The cow was her sacred animal.
    There are animals in a lot of the Paradise Island scenes, I think they are just suppose to represent that the Amazons are 'in tune' with nature and that there paradise includes the whole of the animal kingdom too.
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    Unfortunately, I was not that impressed on how the amazons manage to wipe out the German in the beach because of the following factors:

    1) They clearly had superior numbers
    2) They had better weapons and a variety of them for close contact battle
    3) They had horses
    4) They know the landscape better and even had the superior height advantage

    Now I don't doubt for one second that they are better trained warrior than the German army with guns, but the German army only had guns that took much longer to fire multiple shots.

    Had the German army had the advantage of digging a trench and had a machine gun you would clearly see a different result and much more considerable casualties. Yes, they had guns but that's not enough to negate the home advantage.


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    We saw the Amazons have shields that can absorb concentrated machine gun fire. One machine gun may have killed a few more Amazons but once they figured out to hide behind their shields, they still would have won.
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