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While I'm not sure, from what was said, it sounds like it will have everyone. And no problem! Glad to share some exciting news!
Using everyone would be best.

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You know, I started thinking about Lorena and Foresight. I wonder if they are as evil as them seem. It's assumed that Lor did it for fame, but I would think there would be easier ways to be a hero and get fame. Makes me think she has more up her sleeve.
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Yea, Foresight doesn't appear to be wholly evil, nor entirely good. And everything thus far from Lorena looks like she has planned it, or at least pushed events into this direction, she just can't control the free will of the participants.
Lorena and Foresight have definitely been intended to come off as ultra-gray on the morality perspective. This extends to Lorena's past with Astrid. On the flipside, she has a little girl of her own. On the other flipside, she ruthlessly pragmatic, and kind of mean/vindictive. Either way, gray might as well be her middle name.