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Thread: Jigsaw Trailer

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    Yeah Jigsaw made its money back fairly quickly, but like the other Saws it didn't cost a lot to make so there's that.

    I liked it. Looking forward to part 9.

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    They should have left this series alone. The timeline and motivations have gotten so muddled with each installment that it's almost a comedy. I liked the first two films but from the third on they just got worse and worse and became nothing more than torture porn. I saw Jigsaw in theaters only because some friends wanted to see it. It wasn't as bad as some of the sequels but still pretty lame. I don't think they should do part 9 as I just don't think that many people care about this franchise anymore.

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    Besides the two links that contradict the thought that many people don't care about the franchise, again, 10mil budget, 38mil domestic, 64mil foreign. SOMEONE cares, a lot, and they will keep making these movies as long as the last one turns a profit.

    Now if they should stop making them cause the story is getting convoluted that's a different story, but it seems the writers (and the people who still turn up to see them) are fine with all the twists and turns no matter how ridiculous.

    Gone are the days of ending a franchise for artistic reasons i.e. no more story to tell. There are some exceptions but for the most part, that's over, and has been replaced with "Last one made money? Lets do another one".

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    I'm up for more saw movies sure some are better than others but all of them are enjoyable and entertaining and better than a lot of the ghost movies they keep turning out over and over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by choptop View Post
    Wow, Saw 9 starring Chris Rock and Samuel L Jackson is actually a movie and Iím only finding out right now. It really is 2020

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