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    Quote Originally Posted by newparisian View Post
    Have you read the More than Meets the Eye and Lost Light era of Transformers, with Optimus Prime and Robots in Disguise as companions? I had never cared for Transformers as a property before this.
    I can't remember if they are phase 1 or 2, I think MTMtE is phase 2? In which case, unfortunately not
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    Goldie Vance v1-4

    Decent young adult books. Teen detectives. You've seen these characters before. Nothing new or subversive but fun enough. 6/10

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    Almost finished with the 3rd X-Men: Road to Onslaught collection.

    While there are a handful of good issues throughout these 3 volumes, it really has been a chore to get through.

    My stopping point in X-Men had always been AOA. I decided to keep going with my latest read through...and yeah, not really impressed.

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