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Thread: New to Marvel

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    I started reading Marvel comics in september 2016, so almost a year now.
    I have the Marvel Unlimited app on my tablet, it's one of my best investments, read so many comics this last year!

    Since Captain Marvel (Carol) was the reason I started reading, I started to read comics from around 2012.
    I actually started with Avengers vs X-men and read through all the series I found interesting from there, and I'm now reading comics that was released late 2014
    (just finished Original Sin).

    I'm using the complete Marvel reading order guide from Comic Book Herald.

    Would really recomend using the guide! It takes time to figure out how to read Marvel comics, so be patient and investiagte to understand!

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    I started reading comics around 2005 because my local library had a huge collection. I started with DC but moved on to Marvel because the characters were more relatable. When I did, I started with a character I enjoyed (Spider-Man), found key issues to establish the backstory, and scratched my head a little when a new character would show up. Eventually Civil War began and Spidey was crossing into this larger story that I didn't recognize so I picked up Civil War only to realize that there was a bunch of back story to that as well. Now I recommend my friends who want to get into comics start with Avengers: Disassembled and then read the New Avengers series after that to get a firm footing in the world. It carries the reader through Civil War, World War Hulk, Secret Invasion, Dark Reign, and Siege. After that I kinda stopped reading until Secret Wars so I don't know too much about what happened between but even still, whenever I pick up a new comic I have a reasonable idea about what's going on.

    There are a lot of new characters that have shown up since Secret Wars so grabbing a series that started shortly after that arc concluded is probably a good idea to figure out what the new status quo is.
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