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Thread: Leatherface

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    LEATHERFACE Official Trailer 2

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    The latest movies 3D and this are wretched pieces of shit, the 2006 prequel was lame and i love 1 2 and 3 while 4 was an abomination that should had been not made, the 2003 remake was quite decent.

    No TV show please, stop beating this dead horse of a franchise even furthur as it's already dead! just bury the franchise on film and let it live on through comics, books, appereal and merchandise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
    Never been a massive fan of the first movie, love the second one of my all time favorites Moseley kills it the whole movie. I also loved that he played the character on the Corn Bugs CDs he did with Buckethead plus random Chop Top on certain Buckethead solo cds. Enjoyed parts of Next Generation however since then feel the series has been a mess of crappy movies.
    I wonder if Academy Awards Winning Actors® Matthew McConaughey and Renee Zellweger wil reprise their roles from TCM 4 in this new movie... only time will tell.

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