Hello All, it's been a looooooong time! I used to lurk a lot around here back in the day (before the reboot), posted occasionally but was not the best contributing member. LOL My love for the big red guy and Mignola have never wained but it's been rekindled over the last couple of months, I found the Library editions at our library and have read the first 6 twice in the last 3 months! LOL This has kind of got me going on collecting again and being up on what Mike is up to and especially HB. My first love, aside from the books is prints. I'm an art teacher by trade but my first love (and first college degree) is in printmaking, be it silkscrens, lithos, or giclees, I love them. Back in the day I had a fairly decent collection of HB prints but got rid of them in an effort to pay off some bills. Needless to say, I regret that immensely, and wish I still had them. Back then, I started scouring the web so I could find pics of everything so I knew what I "needed". I found that folder and was going through it and found some cool stuff that I hadn't seen in a long time and thought that I should re-introduce myself properly, get my old handle back, and contribute to this place. So hi! Then I go to wondering if anyone else would be interested in getting a thread going for prints? We can do whatever you guys want, but thought it would be kind of cool. I know about Expressobeans, and there's a lot there, but not everything or even close to it. What say you guys? For me, it boils down to, I think that I'm going to focus on the giclees, so wish me luck! First up on my list is to custom frame my giant Wake the Devil 3 sheet! LOL Anyway, thanks everyone and please don't hesitate to message me!