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I personally hated that Valeria was her miscarried baby as it cheapened the story. The miscarriage story showed that tragic things can happen to anyone with no warning or reason, it was a sad but good story that led to great growth for Sue. I wish Val was Reed and Sue's third child they conceived naturally, they would have been nervous about having another child and it would have been a better more emotional story about overcoming the tragedy imo.

Val was just a lazy magical fix of something that was never broken.
I like the character of Val, but agree with you, mostly. The miscarriage story is nearly a masterpiece, and while the Abraxas plot "fixed" something, maybe it didn't need to be fixed that way.

I liked the ambiguity that 'Marvel Girl' Val might have been Doom's issue, and I liked that Reed is really the father, but they could have done this in a way without referencing the earlier story.