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    My Uncle. He was born in the 50s and was lucky enough to buy the original Lee/Ditko issues off the old spinning magazine racks. He got me into comics when I was a kid in the early 90s. He bought comics all his life and always gave me his old comics when he was through with them. He would talk about Spidey and other Marvel heroes (like me he wasn’t into DC, except maybe Batman) all day even though I was an 8 year old kid. He left me a lifelong love for Spidey, just as he read comics his whole life. He passed in March. Peter had a great uncle, and so did I. I’ll always love you, Uncle Steven. I’ll never forget you.
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    I watched the cartoon Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends as a kid, but I was aware of the character before then. I think I may have seen repeats of the 60s cartoon with the classic theme song at some point in the late 70s or early 80s. I remember seeing his origin story, with the radioactive spider and death of Uncle Ben, and it struck a chord with me.

    I didn't start reading comics seriously until I was a young adult in the 90s. The friends who got me started reading comics claimed that they used to read some Marvel stuff, but they felt DC was better at the time, so I followed their lead and started out mostly with DC. But remembering that Spidey was my favorite as a kid, I decided to check out his comics, and I walked into... Spider-Clones.

    And that's the story of why 5 of the 7 long boxes in my collection are full of DC, while I have less than a single long box of Marvel.
    Just re-reading my old collection, filling in the occasional gap with back issues, not buying anything new.

    Currently working my way through 1990's Flash, Impulse, and JLA, and occasional other related stuff.

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    The animated series from the 90s and... The Clone Saga. yep. Big fan of Ben and Kaine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tien Long View Post

    Loved that issue! It was part of Spider-Man's whole 30th anniversary celebration which was running through all of the Spider-Man titles at the time. The main Lizard story was pretty cool. It had a nice shout out to the whole Spidey "I CAN!" lifting up heavy weight trope. The reveal towards the end was a shock too, and set up a good 2 years of subplot. The issued had some articles relating to Spider-Man's 30th anniversary. And the holographic color was the best!

    Indeed it did. Still remembered thinking how badass it was seeing Spider-Man 2099 freefalling through that futuristic cityscape!
    Itís also the reason why Bagley ended up being by far my favorite Spider-Man artist. He just completely captured the feel and movement of the character in a way that no other artist has for me.

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    I know I answered already, but I want to do a brief follow-up. In the early 1990's the Maximum Carnage game, as well as the Animated Fox Kid's Show really got me into Spider-Man to the point where I was actively collecting and reading the comics (94-95 so Clone Saga era). For a long time between 1997 - 2016 I didn't bother with comics again due to multiple reasons, I stumbled upon CBR and a Spider-Man discussion and started reading Spider-Man comics online and got myself into the series again. I also bought my first few Marvel Legends and Marvel Select figures, as well as completed my first Spider-Man trade paperback collection.
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