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    Default Jason Todd: Robin, Red Hood, Arkham Knight Appreciation 2021

    Hoping for a good showing Jason Todd aka Red Hood for 2021.
    Out of all the Robins, Jason Todd is my favourite

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    Happy new year to everybody.

    Upcoming Appearances:

    In comics:

    • Future State: Gotham written by Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver, with art by Giannis Milonogiannis
    • Batman: Urban Legends (Anthology) #1-#6: Batman/Red Hood written by Chip Zdarsky, with art by Eddy Barrows
      (collected in Batman: Urban Legends Vol. 1)
    • Suicide Squad: Get Joker! written by Brian Azzarello, with art by Alex Maleev
    • Batman: White Knight universe written/drawn by Sean Murphy
    • The Road to Task Force Z - back-up in Detective Comics #1041 - #1043, written by Matthew Rosenberg, with art by Darick Robertson
    • Titans United written by Cavan Scott, with art by Jose Luis
    • (guest appearance) Robin #5 written by Joshua Williamson, with art by Gleb Melnikov
    • (not officially announced) Robins written by Tim Seeley, with art by Baldemar Rivas (DC Round Robin)

    Past comic appearances (in 2021)

    • Future State: Dark Detective #2 and #4: The Red Hood written by Joshua Williamson, with art by Giannis Milonogiannis
    • Truth & Justice #4 written by Jeff Trammell, with art by Rob Guillory (digital first release)

    Other media:
    • Gotham Knights game (delayed until 2022)
    • Titans (TV series), season 3
    • XM Red Hood (Samurai Series) 1/4 Premium Collectibles Statue by XM Studios
    • McFarlane Toys DC MULTIVERSE - Red Hood Unmasked (Gold Label)
    • McFarlane Toys DC MULTIVERSE Batman Three Jokers - Red Hood
    • McFarlane Toys DC Gaming - Red Hood
    • Batman: Arkham Knight Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech No.24 Arkham Knight Action Figure
    • Batman: Hush MAFEX No.133 Hush

    Background information:

    "I'm my own man! Me, Jason Todd!"

    (Batman #408)

    Jason Peter Todd, born and risen in Lady City of Gotham's crudest part, came to become the second Robin, the Red Hood and the Wingman; the Arkham Knight of a different, grimmer universe; The Damned Prince of Gotham who suffered and died by the hand of the Clown Prince of Crime - but also the young man whose sheer will and bad luck couldn't let him rest and who made his way back from the grave.

    Vigilante, avenger: he fights for fairness, for setting the wrong right and for defending and protecting those who cannot fend themselves, and he will do so crossing lines into dark areas or delivering a brutal brand of justice. A daring and sassy adventurer who has traveled not only this world and the space, but other universes. A flawed man who fights not only the monsters out but also inside, who fears the ghosts of memories and suffers from them and despite that will fight back with determination. A man who can despise himself as much as he despises others; Who makes mistakes but also rights; Who can love as much as long for being loved, and hate as much as he loves. Who can lose himself in anger as well as in loneliness.

    Jason Peter Todd is a complex character, product of a complex editorial history. This is his appreciation thread and this is how we come to appreciate and ramble about him.

    (Thanks @Zaresh for writing the above introduction.)

    Quick two-step introduction to Jason Todd/Red Hood

    Step 1: Watch Batman: Under the Red Hood
    Step 2: Read the current Rebirth run of Red Hood and the Outlaws (renamed Red Hood: Outlaw with issue 27 and Red Hood with issue 51), trades:
    • Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol 1 - Dark Trinity
    • Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol 2 - Who is Artemis?
    • Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol 3 - Bizarro Reborn
    • Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol 4 - Good Night Gotham
    • Red Hood: Outlaw Vol 1 - Requiem for an Archer
    • Red Hood: Outlaw Vol 2 - Prince of Gotham
    • Red Hood: Outlaw Vol 3 - Generation Outlaw
    • Red Hood: Outlaw Vol 4 - Unspoken Truths

    Old Threads:
    Jason Todd: Robin, Red Hood, Arkham Knight Appreciation 2020
    Jason Todd: Robin, Red Hood, Arkham Knight, Prince of Gotham Appreciation 2019
    Jason Todd: Robin, Arkham Knight, Red Hood Appreciation 2018 (actually 2014-2018)

    Fanfic recommendations:

    List of recommended fanfic authors
    List of recommended fanfics (info)

    DC Forum Appreciation Thread rules:

    1) No negative comments about the honoree(s) of this thread. It's an appreciation thread, not a non-appreciation one.

    2) No negative discussion about any competitors of the honoree(s) of this thread. No ifs, ands, or buts. Find another non-appreciation thread to do that, just not here.

    3) No negative comments about other versions of the character. For example, if you like the DCU version of Cyborg, but hate the DCnU version (or visa versa), just appreciate the earlier version and keep your comments about the latter to yourself.
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    Kenneth Rocafort will always be my favorite artist for Red Hood (Jason Todd):

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    Happy new year, sweet prince


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    artist: @hwen118

    artist: Yolin

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    Happy 2021

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